Dillon Caldwell and Nicole Pressprich have been racing endurance sports for a combined 50 years. In that time, they’ve competed at the top levels in American cycling, swimming, and triathlon. They’re excited to share that experience with clients all over the world, guiding friends in their own journeys with sport.


Our Mission

To coach likeminded endurance athletes through a unique blend of experience, training, and academic rigor to perform at their best day after day.

Our Coaches


Dillon Caldwell

A lifelong cyclist, Dillon has always loved pushing himself harder and farther on the bike. But he didn’t really find his passion for road racing until his time at the University of Oregon in 2011. What began as a journey back to health after a protracted battle with a brain tumor became a lifelong passion, taking him to faraway places like the French Riviera and the Spanish Isle of Mallorca to train with childhood friend Ian Boswell, racing with the likes of Peter Stetina and Alex Howes on the US National Team, and eventually landing him a professional racing contract with Colorado’s 303 Project. Through Dillon’s unique self-coached journey in the sport, he’s now inspired by sharing his many hard-earned learnings with others.


Nicole Pressprich

From NCAA D1 Varsity swimmer (OSU), to open water national record holder, to multi-time Kona Ironman World Championship finisher, Nicole is now focused on developing her own bike racing career at events like the Colorado Classic and the USA Crits Series. But this doesn’t mean that she’s forgotten her roots in multi-discipline sport. Working as a certified personal trainer for several years after completing her bachelor’s degree in exercise science, Nicole is well-versed both experientially and academically in a wide range of endurance sports. So whether it be out in the open, in the gym, or behind the computer screen, she’s excited to help guide your performance journey wherever you see it going.