We currently offer three primary plans, but we’re always happy to customize.


1. Essential - $75/month

We’re proud to offer a basic approach to coaching for our more novice or budget oriented athletes. Not everyone can jump straight into a full custom training plan, so our “Essential” package covers the basics to help bridge that gap. We can’t offer the benefits of custom plans for this good of a price, but we’re happy to consult with you and develop a standardized monthly training plan that focuses on consistency and balance in bringing your game to the next level.



2. custom - $200/month

Our most popular plan, the Coached by Caldwell custom package offers weekly training plans and analysis. This package includes a Training Peaks Premium account and full analysis of training files on a weekly basis. A customized strength training plan is included in all custom coaching plans, upon request. We don’t believe in limiting coach/athlete contact. We’re here for you, whatever it takes. We’re always happy to adjust training plans if the weather changes, illness strikes, or family issues arise. Because we’re not coaching a team of robots and we know firsthand that a healthy coaching relationship requires just that, a good relationship.


3. premier $300/month

Full Custom coaching plan benefits, plus the inclusion of detailed strategy/analysis sessions both pre and post event, for every event. Premier coaching packages also include nutritional planning to ensure that you’re getting the most out of all your hard training.